Kann die Stadt Leipzig sich selbst versorgen? Masterarbeit beim Ernährungsrat & UFZ

Think global, eat local? Self-sufficiency analyses in the region of Leipzig

Regionalization of food systems is a strategy increasingly proposed to reduce the
environmental footprint of globalized and industrialized food systems, and in particular to
increase the resilience metropolitan regions. However, if and under which conditions such
regions can produce enough food to meet regional food demands is largely unknown.
In this study, the MSc candidate will compile existing national and regional datasets to
estimate people’s average food demand and regional agricultural production. These
numbers will be used to investigate the potential proportion of the demand that could be
supplied regionally (food self-sufficiency) and the potential area needed for 100% food self-
sufficiency (foodshed). This part of the MSc research mainly consists of data collection and
analysis using an existing methodology (see Zasada et al., 2019, City, Culture and Society).
The second part offers a high level of flexibility. For example, one option could be to develop
different scenarios of food supply and demand, including alternative production systems
(e.g., organic farming, community supported agriculture), changing diets (e.g., less animal-
based diets) or the reduction of food waste. Alternatively, interviews with stakeholders of
the regional food system (for instance different types of producers and/or consumers
including alternative production or consumption strategies) could be conducted to assess
producer and/or consumer perspectives directly.

Students from both natural and social science with an interest in agriculture and urban
planning and with strong skills in data analysis are welcome. The results of the study will
provide an important knowledge base for the Food Policy Council Leipzig and will support
urban planning towards regionalized food systems.

If you are interested, please contact the following people:
Dr. Jörg Priess, Helmholtz Center for Environmental Research – UFZ: joerg.priess@ufz.de
Lukas Egli, UFZ/Food Policy Council Leipzig: lukas.egli@ufz.de

Hier die Ausschreibung zum Download: https://ernaehrungsrat-leipzig.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/Ausschreibung_Masterarbeit_Ernährungsrat.pdf